Me, myself, and I

Hello hello :wave: I'm Khinshan, feel free to call me Shan. I wear several hats but I'm mostly a software engineer :upside_down_face: Though I have a knack for backend development, I tend to work fullstack as a jack of all trades. Recently, I've been diving into the realm of accessibility and crafting captivating user experiences. Feel free to explore my work! Or better yet, read some of my thoughts and ideas.

While I might share similar thoughts with my colleagues from time to time, it should be clear that unless explicitly stated, my writing and opinions shouldn't be seen as representing my employer in any way. Similarly, unless explicitly stated otherwise, the opinions expressed by my employer don't necessarily reflect my own.

Some things I like that you may like:

  • cooking
  • linguistics
  • puzzles & fallacies
  • (video | board | *)games
  • interactivity
  • unordered lists

This Site

To start with, the source code for this website is available on GitHub here. You're free to use the code per the licensing I have on it. The content, however, is not under as free to use; I'm still working it out (TLDR: cite me if you use my words, would be cool if you mentioned me somewhere when you use my code too :stuck_out_tongue:)

I’ve been discontent with my website; I must’ve changed it 10+ times now. After experimenting from vanilla to Harp to Frozen Flask to Jekyll and etcetera etcetera, I've realized what I should use is what I feel most comfortable with and similar to what I use for work. Hopefully embracing modern technologies will make this full-on rewrite the last rewrite for years on end. I've named it 'anchorage' to keep me anchored... hopefully :flushed:

I don't intend on making this a reusable template easy for anyone to use at the moment, but I am trying to decouple personal information from the components. It's a long process and gets harder as tech debt piles up, but maybe one day this will be easy to fork and wind up.


This website is a reflection of the elements I'd like to see on the web and web elements I've seen. I've tried to add a comment everywhere I used code from Stack Overflow or someone else, but the design is much harder to comment on it ends up being more of a collection of inspirations all combined with my imagination. It's only fair to credit people who've probably inspired aspects of my site here (in no particular order):